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  • Brisbane City


  • Going away party



23 comments to “Photo Gallery”

  1. mom Says:

    great pics… thanks,

  2. Russell De Witt Says:

    Hi you Two wow what an adventure!!!
    Maby some day I will meet you Justin.
    Looks like your both very happy.

  3. Russell De Witt Says:

    hi do you have a post office box?

  4. Tara Says:

    Nice pics! Looks like you guys are having a blast and it sounds like the adventure has only just begun!

  5. U-JOHN Says:


  6. Debbie Barbato Says:

    I feel you guys are having way too much fun! Gramma and I love the pix. Thanks for sharing. Love to you both!

  7. Robyn Says:

    Geez you guys! You really know how to enjoy life!
    So jealous, but extremely happy for you both!
    I love telling people about your story- the reaction from people are all this huge “WOW! Shit, why didn’t I do that?!”

    I miss you both! Keep the journal coming! They are very entertaining…in our sorry boring life’s.

    Oh wait…here is something exciting… Ryan mowed the lawn! Both the front and back! Isn’t that such a great story!?

    Love you both!
    Sis, Robyn

  8. Pam Says:

    Beautiful pictures guys……….so enjoying this …..

  9. mom Says:

    next time can you photo a live turtle?

  10. mom Says:

    Looking at your pictures and reading your blogs takes so much stress out of me… Thanks it nice to know you two are enjoying life… makes me happy…

  11. Dad Says:

    Wow you are realy seeing a diferent world, want to trade places? Keep sending photos.. Nice Hair Justin…Let it grow..

  12. mom Says:

    OMG you guys have us way beat on the underwater adventure. The pictures are more than fantastic. I want to frame a few for sure. The turtles are so different than Maui. Yours are better.. the beauty looks amazing… again this is a wowowowowow!!!! the fish you captured, fantastic.

  13. Gary Says:

    WOW. Amazing. Awesome.

  14. mom Says:

    Sand Harbor with tropical fish… you guys are in paradise… keep sending your us your comments, you crack me up… that fruit thing looks like eggs…

  15. Robyn Says:

    Girl Dog made it to the top of Mt. Rose Summit today! You should be quite proud- she is quite the skinny adventurous dog these days!

    You guys look great!

  16. Jonah Says:

    You guys don’t look like you’re having fun at all! I bet you miss it here a bunch. Haha. We had Jasper’s 7th B-day yesterday, everyone was there but you two. Hurry home!

    also, i’d like everyone to know….I’M GAY

  17. Justin Says:

    JONAH! dude, i’m glad you finally came out of the closet but why’d you have to do it on my blog….i’m touched…i guess…not in that way, fag

  18. Other mother Says:

    Hey I just want to say it was really nice talking to you.Just kknow that you are very much loved

  19. Other mother (Angela) Says:

    Wow what color you weren’t lying.I wish I could be there.Live the dream and dream to live

  20. Other Mother (Angela) Says:

    The bird is really cool.Maddy would have loved to of been there

  21. Becca Says:

    Thanks mom! It was great talking to you too. You gotta see this place! Soon!

  22. Debbie B Says:

    Beautiful, surreal, and I think you guys are amazing and brave. Becca, is that Grizzley Adams with you?

  23. Justin Says:

    HAHAHAHA! i’m going for cousin It.

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