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Everyone’s Down Under

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As we travel Australia we have noticed that many of our family and friends have something ( a street, island, river, car dealership, whatever)  named after them.  If you don’t see your name on here, it doesn’t mean we are not thinking of you, we just haven’t seen it yet.

Places with names of people we know
(in order that we’ve seen them)

  • Ryan’s Road, Brisbane
  • Rebecca’s Lingerie Store, Toowong, Brisbane
  • Justin Street, Brisbane
  • Gino’s Pizza, Brisbane
  • Jonah, a crappy little boat in Brisbane
  • Catherine Creek, Inisfail
  • Andrews Point, Cape Hillsbrough
  • Bee’s Island, North Queensland
  • Ince Bay, North Queensland
  • Sarah Point, Agnes Waters
  • Robina, a town in the Gold Coast
  • Mount Morgan, (seriously, a old mining town called Mount Morgan)
  • Angelo’s Restaurant at the marina, McKay
  • Gary’s Lagoon, Great Barrier Reef (lucky bastard gets a tropical lagoon named after him)
  • Peter’s Island, North Queensland
  • Nathan Street, Townsville
  • Nicks Swiss and Italian Restaurant, Outside Mission Beach
  • Mary’s Pasta Products, factory in North Queensland
  • Rusty Creek, Outside Cairns
  • Robins Kitchen, Store in Cairns
  • Mount Sophia, by Rusty Creek outside of Cairns
  • Mary’s Creek, Between Mission Beach and Townsville
  • Micheal’s Restaurant, Townsville
  • Mary Street, Charters Towers (Town in the Outback)
  • Tara’s Road (Ten miles outside Charters Towers)
  • Wyatt Motors, Tennant Creek, Northern Territory
  • Emily and Jessie Gaps National Park, Alice Springs, Northern Territory
  • Ryan’s Well (rest stop on the Stuart Highway)
  • Marla, South Australia
  • Chris (There is nothing named after you, but we found a famous Australian explorer that looks a lot like you, seriously…Catherine, chime in here).


  • Aston (becca’s old dog), Whyalla, South Australia
  • Peter’s Street, Whyalla, South Australia
this street belongs to Peter
  • Ryan Gardens, Whyalla, South Australia
There's an entire family enjoying a picnic in Ryan's Garden

There's an entire family enjoying a picnic in Ryan's Garden

  • Jacob’s Street, Whyalla, South Australia
  • Matthew Street, Port Lincoln, Seafood Capital of Australia
  • St Andrews Drive, Port Lincoln, S.A.
St. Andrews Dr.
  • Elizabeth Street, Port Lincoln, SA
  • Heather Road, Port Lincoln, SA
  • Eric  (yes, you, Eric Barbato) Ave, Port Lincoln, SA
  • Jordan Court, Port Lincoln, SA
  • John (The Tuna Boat), Port Lincoln, SA ([Mafia guy accent] “Hey, Uncle John, got any tuna?”)
Nice boat! Can we dock it Dana Point?

Nice boat! Can we dock it Dana Point?

  • Ryan’s Place, Port Lincoln, SA
Got a nice place on the curb, Gina

Got a nice place on the curb, Gina

  • Thomas Court, Port Lincoln, SA
  • Wyatt’s Place, Port Lincoln, SA
  • Morgan’s Landing, A small town on the Eyre Penninsula
  • Morgan Road, Coffin Bay, SA (must have been a famous Captain in these parts)
  • Anastasia Ave, Streaky Bay, SA
Anastasia Ave
  • Burke Street, Streaky bay, SA (must have been a famous Dan in these parts)
  • Victor Harbor, South Australia
  • Reneella…actually, the spelling isn’t right, but its as close as we can get.
Sounds like it should be Spelled "Renee...ella," Close enough.

Sounds like it should be Spelled "Renee...ella," Close enough.

  • Ships that sank on the Shipwreck Coast
    • Rebecca
    • Sarah
    • Elizabeth
    • Mary
    • J
  • PETERborough, Small town in the Bay of Islands on the Shipwreck Coast
  • Rebecca’s Cafe & Creamery, Port Fairy, Victoria
  • Eddies Bridge, Victoria
  • Tarahouse B&B, Bairnsdale, Victoria
  • Lees Rd, Lakes Entrance, Victoria
  • Giles Rd, Bruthen, Victoria
  • Burke Rd, Melbourne, Victoria
a bit blurry since we were driving about 100km/hr

a bit blurry since we were driving about 100km/hr

  • Ellys Pond, Mt Huthan-Great Alpine Road, Victoria
elly pond
  • Dannys Look Out, ” “
danny lookout
  • Renes Look Out, ” ” (Closer than the last one, but still not quite “Renee”)
renes lookout
  • Jaspers Coffee, Coffee Company in Victoria
  • Maddison Road, Mt. Beauty, Great Alpine Road, Victoria
  • Mt Elizabeth, Great Alpine Road, Victoria
Mount Liz
  • John Street, Beechworth, Victoria
John Street
  • Bec’s Take Away, Beechworth, Victoria
  • Mike’s Bazaar, variety store in Beechwood, Victoria
he really is Bazaar
  • The Hotel Nicholas, c 1865, Beechworth, Victoria
  • ANDREWS HAMBURGERS!!!!!!!! Melbourne, Victoria. BEST BURGER IN AUSTRALIA…maybe the WORLD!
We got a t-shirt too!

We got a t-shirt too!

  • St Andrews Beach – Mornington Penninsula, Victoria
st andrews beach
  • The Alex – Hotel/Pub in Devonport, Tasmania
the alex
  • De Witt Street, Battery Point, Hobart, Tasmania
  • That’s about all we found in Australia, check out our findings in the USA.

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1 Comment » to “Everyone’s Down Under”

  1. mom Says:

    Renee is going to be a hard one, it is french.. not sure what were on with the wars… you would know J. That is amazing how many people you know who have been on your journey with you.. Though be the looks of it, I might be you favorite fan… I love what you both write and love all you pictures… thank you!!

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