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Nov '11

Christmas update 2011


2008, our first Christmas letter
2009, our first Christmas video/ blog
2010, the first year we missed sending something out
2011, the first Christmas letter in Arial font and this is the first draft, which did not make it to print.

 That’s a lot of firsts!  2011 is our first FULL year back since turning life upside down-under in Australia, and as expected, life is nothing like it was the last time we sent this letter in 2008.  This year was a blast, Justin and Ryan opened their first warehouse, Becca quit her job, we moved to Woodland, CA, Justin is going to the Master Brewers Program, we invested in a cure for cancer…but there is one FIRST that shadows all of that.  The birth of our first child.

 Angelo Peter Andrews was born May 14, 2011.  He is pure joy, smiling ear to ear at every glimpse.  And we can’t stop watching him.  One of our favorite stories can’t rightfully be told without     certified surround sound but I’ll try:

Angelo’s first thumb sucking

Picture a two month old infant facing backwards, squirming in his car seat.  Now, cue the opening score to 2001: A Space Odyssey (in your head, or click here and let the music play while you read the  rest of this)…Angelo, raising his arm fully extended, fist closed, thumb protruding out…but wobbling back and forth as he tries to focus.  ‘How can I get that thumb into my mouth’ he most likely asked himself.  He may have added ‘it…just…won’t…stay still!”  Despite his frustration and overwhelming hostility he must have towards the uncooperative arm, he pushes the envelope using only the tools on his onesie covered body.  Just then, a second arm comes up slowly but more stable than the other, edging its way closer and closer to the other waving arm.  His eyes dilate and his brow drops slightly while his gums begin to slather; he knows what he has to do.   Just then, one hand grabs the other waving hand and they are bonded together!  The music climaxes, cymbals crashing, drums pounding, brass horns blazing DUN DUN DUN bum bum bum bum!!! And with both hands he steadily brings the evasive, succulent thumb into his mouth and promptly proceeds to suck…sooth.

Obviously, there aren’t many of Angelo’s accomplishments we can brag about yet, but we do our best…only embellishing ever so slightly when completely appropriate of course... He had his pictures taken with Santa and didn’t cry, so there’s that. 

Justin begins the Master Brewers Program at UC Davis in January, but we moved up to Woodland a bit early to set up his business and get it going before classes begin.  We love the small town pace, the Nor Cal niceness of people we meet, the turn of century architecture in the quite little downtown.  The surrounds are convenient too, a few days ago we took an afternoon drive to Napa, and yesterday we ran some errands in downtown Sac.  All-in-all, we are happy and excited to see what the future holds. 

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,

With Love,

 Justin, Becca, Baby Angelo, Booger and The Girl Dog



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