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Nov '11

Chistmas Letter from 2008

Cool, we predicted traveling in this letter.  We didn’t know we’d be traveling until a few months after this was written.




We did it !!!!  (not in the political sense of course, since our wedding was before the election.)  We got married!  So, what now?  I know what you are thinking….and YES!  We are proud to announce that we are expecting…to join the coveted list of Christmas letter authors!  And as we conceive the beginnings of this letter, I realize that our letter writing skills are not fully dilated; but with the Christmas due date coming soon its time to take a few deep breathes and see what we can knock up.


People have been asking us if we are thinking about starting a family…actually, the thought hasn’t really crossed our minds.  This year was so busy as we prepared for the wedding; building a web site, creating invitations, designing and making center pieces, planning this and coordinating that….I don’t think we took a breathe until we a few days into our honeymoon in Costa Rica.  Actually, navigating the labyrinth of unmarked highways and dirt roads to the beach house in playa Bejuco just added to the chaos.  Once we found our footing though, it was pure bliss….in our own adventurous style of course.  To some, riding a zip-line 900 feet over the rain forest, rafting down class IV rapids, or forging a small river in a tiny SUV might not be the picture of rest and relaxation; but there is no way we could just lie down and tan for 8 days.


Back on the ranch we have been adjusting to married life pretty well, spending time with friends and family as wells as our little’s from the Big Brother’s Big Sister’s program. We have both been mentoring for just under a year now and we love it.  Hannah is a 6-year-old bucket of fun and Eddie is the 9-year-old equivalent to Rico Suave.  We spend a few hours a week with them, sometimes as a group, doing all sorts of exciting stuff like off-roading and watching the dawn patrol at the balloon races and the not so exciting stuff like helping with homework and going to the museum.


So what’s up for 2009?  We are ready for some traveling; hopefully our next letter to you will have international post.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Love Always,

Justin, Rebecca, Booger and The Girl Dog




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