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May '11

Welcome Baby Angelo!!!


Baby Angelo Peter Andrews was born May 14th, 2011 at 12:59pm

Weight is 8 pounds 8 ounces (which is about as much as a gallon of Milk) and 21.5 inches long.

Becca’s water broke on Thursday, May 12th at 9pm, but there were no contractions thus no need for cinematic emergency pregnancy car ride involving excessive speeds and the running of stoplights, thus destroying a life long dream of Justin’s, oh well, maybe next time.

After about 20 hours, the doc said we should go to the hospital, which we did…sort of.  When we got there, we found a cool hiking trail that went around the hills behind the hospital, so we went for a little hike hoping to jump kick the contractions. It didn’t work and after about 20 minutes the doctor was wondering where we were anyway, so we decided to hike back down and check in.

The room was great!  Much larger than we expected, we had our own bathroom, closet, nursery area, and even a jet jacuzzi!  Of course the family came by to say hi and see how things were progressing, but by midnight the fun was over, and the REAL contractions began…

Never, have I ever, seen anything like that.  I can honestly say that there is nothing anyone can say…than can prepare you for this.   Becca was a real trooper, taking pitocin amplified contractions for 6 hours  until she just HAD to take the epidural.  I don’t know why anyone in their right mind would want a 100% all natural birth, but Becca is glad she did 6 hours of labor without drugs because that significantly decreased the chance that an epidural would stop her labor and result in a Csection.

It took another 6 hours of MUCH MUCH MUCH easier labor before it would be time to begin pushing.  We had these great intentions to “labor down”, a relatively new method of delivery that doesn’t involve those intense pushes and screams you see in the movies.  So with the lights dimmed and Enya playing in the background the nurse told becca to start with a few practice pushes while we waited for the doctor to arrive.  Unfortunately, the first practice push caused Angelo’s heartbeat to drop significantly, and it wasn’t going back up!  With more than a sense of concern in the nurse’s voice, she politely asked me to grab Dr. Kahatsu, someone neither of us have ever heard of…but we needed a doctor and our doctor was still in route.

It was as if some type of nurse ESP radiated across the 5th floor, because within seconds our room has about a dozen nurses and dotors but I never heard any announcement.  All of a sudden the doctor said ” we’re getting this baby out right now!” and everyone was yelling “PUSH!” and Becca was screaming through an oxygen mask while a nurse was pushing on her stomach and another nurse was operating a special vacuum and there were 10 other people just yelling and moving around…at least that was all I could tell.   I heard something about the cord being wrapped around the neck and I could tell this was quickly about to become the scariest moment of my life.  Becca, with a miraculous burst of super power, pushed out little Angelo in about 3 of the most intense minutes of my life.  It took all of my strength not to burst into tears while I watched the love of my life fight the toughest battle of her life and all I could do was rub her neck.  Becca and I have seen some pretty difficult challenges in our relationship, but nothing like this even comes close.  We can only assume this is what it feels like for our veterans, who go into hell, guns blazing and come back exhausted with an overload of emotions that bond you to the people that were there by your side.   Just recalling this memory has my heart thumping and my head sweating.  I’m pretty sure Becca is doing everything she can to block that part of the memory out completely.

Little Angelo came out and immediately gave a small cry and opened his eyes, but the doctors were still concerned about his color and heart rate.  They rushed him over to the nursery table and sucked the fluid from his airway and began the APGAR tests.  Initially, he scored a 4, but within a few minutes he was an 8! and the sign of relief poured over the room as he flexed those beautiful lungs.  Outside the room, the family was completely oblivious to the traumatic close-call that we had in the room, but that didn’t keep Grandma Renee from dropping to her knees at the little angelic cry heard through the crack in the door.  It was another 3 hours before anyone could meet Angelo, as he and mom bonded for the first time.

We brought baby Angelo home on Monday, he is the most perfectest baby ever born.



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