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Apr '11

2nd Baby Shower today

As if one wasn’t we enough, baby Angelo is about to have a second baby shower today.  We drove up to Reno for a baby shower so our Nevada friends and family wouldn’t have to drive all the way down to So Cal and now we have another at Justin’s mother’s house today.

Becca has been following the baby registry and it appears you all went agro on the list, we love all the support you all are giving for this baby…the only things remaining on the registry are all the “baby genius” stuff, so either you believe our baby will already be gifted with brilliance like his parents or you all secretly want our child to be  stupid.  I choose to be flattered that you all think so highly of us, may the best genes prevail!

Also, today marks the sneak peak to the much awaited release of “After Birth Ale,” so name because it will be Becca’s first beer after she gives birth.  She’s been craving beer throughout the pregnancy.   After Birth Ale is a Belgian inspired triple tinted bright-red with loads of Hibiscus flowers.  I wasn’t able to dry hop the secondary as planned, so it has a nose of stale flowers, but it tastes…well, you be the judge.

Bottles of After Birth will be handed out on the day of Angelo’s birthday…in lieu of baby-blue encased cigars.

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