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Aug '10

Where are they now?

Well, the year of traveling was a god-send; life handed us Lemons and we made Lemonchello.  But now we’re back from outer-space….  Justin is working on lab equipment and debt settlement while Becca is slingin’ mattresses at Mattress Discounters.  We really love these jobs so far…Justin gets to work from home and never has to wear corporate clothes or deal with mundane meetings and corporate brown nosing and Becca gets to talk to people, help them, move around and best of all, never have to deal with her ex-boss again.

Our second anniversary is coming up this weekend, but we aren’t prepared to spend it in the states.  We’re living down in Southern California now, so it makes sense to get out the country for our anniversary…see if we can’t make a tradition of traveling  to a foreign country for our anniversary every year.

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1 Comment » to “Where are they now?”

  1. Becca Says:

    Hey Justin maybe you should blog a little bit about your baby 😉

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