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Jun '10

Meanwhile, back on the ranch…

Uncle Rich and Aunt Pam run a small farm on the outskirts of Medford with Sheep, chickens, barn cats, dogs, a horse and a HUGE garden.  We spent a little time doing the daily chores, including mucking out the stalls, knocking down the cob webs, and watching Booger heard chickens and lambs.  We had perfect weather and excellent beer while talking DeWitt genealogy on the back porch and laughing at funny stories.

Now, we’re at Grandma’s house in Jacksonville, which is just down the road.  She’s got us laughing all day with old stories about Justin’s dad.  One of the best stories was this:

The young Peter Andrews was notorious for making all sorts of noises, from animals to sound effects.  Rehearsals occurred mostly at home  to the unwilling and annoyed audience of his brothers and sisters, but the REAL performance was always held during class, which eventually took its toll on his kindergarten teacher.  One day, with less than the best sense and more than a hint of spite, the kindergarten teacher invited little Peter to the front of the class to make noises, claiming it would be more appropriate than quietly sharing his talent for sound effects from the back of the class while secretly hoping for Peter’s embarrassing demise.

Had she consulted Grandma before making this massive error in judgment she could have saved her class from 30 continuous minutes of unadulterated chaos lead by none of than the amazing noise making talents of the young Peter Andrews.  To add insult to injury, she retired that same year.

This is just one of dozens of stories and Grandma has a way of telling them that will keep you laughing after your head hits the pillow.  Uncle James toured us around the area, bringing Justin back to some old spots where he used to play with his cousins as Justin and James went down memory lane.

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