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Jun '10

Northwest Coast

Traveling down the Washington and Oregon coast is wet, cloudy, green, and beautiful.  The rain forest on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula gets about 9 feet of rain per year which translates to abundant waterfalls, plants with HUGE leaves, and muddy shoes.  We stopped at the Sol Duc Hot Springs so we could warm up, the hot springs smell more sulfuric than the ones in Nevada, maybe because the area has so many volcanoes or maybe it has something to do with the fact that the Olympic Mountains are the youngest on the continent.

A little further down the road was the town of Forks, made famous by the recent Twilight books and movies.  The town has embraced their unique tourists…maybe the only ones in the world who are upset if its not raining or at least gloomy during their visit; we enjoyed one of the only sunny days we’d seen in a week on the beach of La Push.

Next stop was the Goondocks in Astoria.  We accidentally got there on the tail end of the Goonies 25th anniversary, the town was still buzzing from Corey Feldmen recent visit (did you know he’s in a band? and they’re on tour? a free show in Santa Cruz on June 30th, who’s in?  http://www.coreyfeldman.net ).  Really, we loved the town and Justin spent a good amount of time moping because he’d missed most of the Goony celebrations.  They have a world class maritime museum and a decent brewery, as well as lots of cool shopping and places to have really fresh seafood; but if you decide to go, watch the Goonies just before you get there.

While driving down the Oregon coast, which is, without exaggeration, among the most beautiful in the world, we stopped at the Tillimook Cheese factory.  Its kinda corny, its free, its fun, you’ll learn something new…like, I didn’t know that cheddar cheese is only yellow because of food coloring…which begs me to ask the question…why? seriously, if you know, please tell me.

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