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Archive for June, 2010

Jun '10

Completing our circumnavigation of the USA

We’re back in Reno, 3 months ago we left Reno to celebrate Easter at Grandma’s house in San Diego, and took the VERY scenic way home.  But Reno isn’t home anymore, our new home is going to be in Southern  California for the next year or so.  With our traveling adventures coming to an end […]

Jun '10

Meanwhile, back on the ranch…

Uncle Rich and Aunt Pam run a small farm on the outskirts of Medford with Sheep, chickens, barn cats, dogs, a horse and a HUGE garden.  We spent a little time doing the daily chores, including mucking out the stalls, knocking down the cob webs, and watching Booger heard chickens and lambs.  We had perfect […]

Jun '10

Northwest Coast

Traveling down the Washington and Oregon coast is wet, cloudy, green, and beautiful.  The rain forest on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula gets about 9 feet of rain per year which translates to abundant waterfalls, plants with HUGE leaves, and muddy shoes.  We stopped at the Sol Duc Hot Springs so we could warm up, the hot […]

Jun '10

A little family time

Its all about family in the Northwest.  While driving though Coeur d’Alene we were happy to stop in Sand Point to see Becca’s father, Russel and his wife Christy.  We were only able to visit for one day because of our schedule, so we promised to come back soon so we could spend more time […]

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