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Archive for May, 2010

May '10

Pic-a-nic baskets at Jellystone

We bolted through the rest of Canada and then through Michigan, Wisconson, Minnesoda, North Dakota, and half of Montana to get the first national park in the world, Yellowstone.  There are quite a bit of tourists but there is SOOOO much room to move around the park that you don’t notice it that often.  Coming from Reno […]

May '10

What New Orleans wishes it could be

In stark contrast to the nasty streets of New Orleans’ French Quarter, Montreal’s French Quarter is stocked full of eclectic eateries, funky clothiers, exotic chocolatiers, playhouses, fantastic breweries and actual French speakers.  It really is another country though, so don’t go thinking crossing into Canada is a walk in the part.  There is HEAVY security, passports are required, and […]

May '10


An interesting tidbit learned during our visit to Boston was that Justin’s great grandmother, Elsie, used to tell the Boston relatives  how much she missed the seafood on the east coast.  Naturally, we pointed the motorhome to the sea and made a b-line for the first fishing town we could find.  About an hour later […]

May '10

The infamous Boston relatives

For years growing up I remember hearing about an entire branch of our family living in Massachusetts.  My Great Grandfather, Arch Angelo, came to Boston from Fratiminore, a suburb of Napoli (Naples) back in the early 1900’s.  It was here that met whom was to be my great grandmother, Elsie Tarantino, a beautiful Italian girl that just so happened […]

May '10

Jersey and NYC

The thought of living in New York has always made us cringe…8 million people crammed onto a little rock playing king of the island is not our idea of fun…but we had the wrong idea.  We’re not saying we want to drop the idea of living on our own healthy slice of land, but we finally understand […]

May '10

Vote for planning ahead

Everyone should take a trip, at some point in their life, to see our nations capital.  The surrounding symbolisms are captured in every glance in every corner of your eye.  Whether that’s a good thing or not, I don’t know, but it does force you to ask many important questions to yourself, some that you might […]

May '10

The Greens that are Boring

Greensboro, commonly referred to as Greensboring by former resident, Justin, since he graduated high school here.  Though wisdom tells him that no matter what town you live in while you are in high school, its always going to be considered a drag.  But it was MUCH more fun this time around! Susan Brogan took us out for Margaritas and showed […]

May '10

Oh Atlanta!

What was originally planned as a one or two day stop in Atlanta to see Cindy turned out to be a week of good times, exploring the surrounds, playing baseball, hanging out with family.  Big Hank and Cindy made us feel right at home thanks to a particular sense of humor that we share, and Little Hank  and […]

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