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Archive for April, 2010

Apr '10

Down on the Bayou

Louisiana is a surprisingly beautiful. As we drove on our way to see grandpa and grandma we couldn’t help but notice the lush green Bayous and waterways all around us. They stretched from corner to corner and act as a haven for all kinds of life.When showed up at my grandparents, with  Blue Crab Sauce from Galveston, TX (note […]

Apr '10

That’s one small step for Cher, one giant leap for Cherkind.

We were just driving though Houston on our way to see Grandpa Gene and Grandma Bette in Baton Rouge when we saw a sign that pointed towards NASA Space Center.  The child inside me remembered how excited and envious I got when the kids on “Double Dare” would win a trip there, so we had to stop.  We toured […]

Apr '10

The Alamo, Remember?

San Antonio surprised us; how is it possible that we have never heard of this place.  A system of river canals lined with restaurants and music venues  loop through down town like a cool breeze on a hot day.  When you walk down the steps into the Riverwalk District you feel sorry for Walt Disney, because as much attention to detail they […]

Apr '10

From heroes to defendants

As they say in Arizona, Tombstone is a town too tough to die.   But really, its like Virginia city but with more murder and less drinking.  Of course, the round-the-clock gun shows re-enacting the towns murderous roots is a pleasure I could indulge daily. At the actual location of the infamous O.K. Coral, the legendary outlaws […]

Apr '10

Sky Islands

Southern Arizona holds some of this country’s most beautiful treasures; from the valleys of gigantic Saguaro cacti to the snow covered peaks of the Sky Islands to the abundant wildlife and of course, or favourite,  the Ince family.  Jason and Justin went gun shopping without much success as they gallantly returned with a…wait for it…SLING SHOT!!!      To hunt wizards!  (Wizards is toddler tongue for […]

Apr '10

On the road again!

Hey all, Long time, no blog. So it appears that our Peace Corp plans have derailed. The Peace Corp positions we had lined up in Eastern Europe were filled by another couple without our knowledge. This pertinent piece of information conveniently revealed itself the day after we arrived in Nevada. It doesn’t mean we are […]

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