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Archive for January, 2010

Jan '10

Into the Wild…

In the early 1800’s a few explorers ventured on a daunting expedition through the heart of what is now called the Southwest National Park. It was the first time the area had been seen by western eyes and it was nearly 150 years until it would be seen again.  The only reason there is even […]

Jan '10

As Far South as We Could Go!

Since we started traveling out here we’ve been trying to get to the highest points we can and the furthest places we can get to in each direction. We went as far North as a we could to Cape Tribulation, Queensland and as far West as we could at Nullarbor HWY in South Australia but now we were hell bent […]

Jan '10

Happy Feet

Not far from where we live is a small, independent, nature zoo.  The main attraction are the Tasmania Devils, but the Wombats, Akidnas, Emus, Possums, Tiger Snakes, Wedge Tail Eagles and others give you a well-rounded taste of the kind of wildlife you’d see on this island. The Devils were really more like angles (<–Spelling edit: angels) ; […]

Jan '10

Christmas in the Summer

Christmas was peaceful and quite…almost too quite.  Christmas is stumbling over   each other in  kitchen, dressing up as Santa, giving a ton of gifts, cleaning up the huge mess, playing in the snow, talking louder as the eggnog kicks in, seeing family and friends.  This was the first time either of us had such a quite Christmas…we […]

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