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Archive for September, 2009

Sep '09

Dinosaurs, Outback, and Crocodile Dundee

We took our first detour into the outback. at certain points of the trip we wouldn’t see a car for over an hour.  I think we made it 110 km before we saw another vehicle….its very quite out here…desolate….and then the roads turned to dirt. Hell bent on seeing dinosaur tracks, we headed 220km on […]

Sep '09

The Stick Bug

Found this bug when we were cooking breaky at a campervan park in Charters Towers. ya, cool as….

Sep '09

Magnetic Island

We took the ferry to Magnetic Island and then a bus to horse shoe bay.  With our snorkel gear, esky (ice chest), towels and beach stuff we hiked about 6 or 7 Km through some gorgeous hills and beaches.  One of the bays we found was full of Nuddies (that’s Naked people) but the other […]

Sep '09

Everybody should EAT Raymond

Raymond the Stingray that is! Justin and I have been fishing a lot these days and our biggest catch was a Leopard Stingray at Mission Beach.  He was about 12 pounds and his stinger tail was about 4 feet long before Justin cut it off!  He wasn’t sure if he could get stung by the tail, so […]

Sep '09

That’s all we can stands and we can’ts stands no more

We reached Cape Tribulation with plans to push to Cooktown, but the roads are just 4 wheel track with deep sand and river crossings.  The only way to see the rest of Australia is by 4×4.  We were going to go to Darwin, which is even further North but in a different part of the […]

Sep '09

The Bats of Port Douglas

Just a little fruity treat for you guys! Watch and enjoy….if you can! There are thousands of them! Becca

Sep '09

Cairns and the Far North

We’ve been driving quite a bit this past week. We stopped in Horseshoe Bay, which is a part of the coast that looks like Sand Harbor in Lake Tahoe….huge granite rocks and crystal clear water, except it has coral reef to snorkel. We then headed to Townsville for a couple days of errands. Charlie needed […]

Sep '09

Whitsunday Islands and the Outer Great Barrier Reef

Arlie Beach is a small town on the coast that acts as a gateway to the Whitsunday Islands and the Great Barrier Reef. The town is teeming with hundreds of backpackers and there appears to be at least one sales rep pushing diving trips for every ten tourists.   After one walk down the strip […]

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