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Archive for August, 2009

Aug '09

Fraser Island (Backpakers’ rite of passage)

Few may know of a class IV rapid on the Truckee called “Jaws”.  While expecting a leisurely float down the river, Ryan and I happened across this behemoth of destruction in the most unfortunate ways (for our raft).   With our only raft and a part of our egos destroyed by the encounter, our spirits we’re high as […]

Aug '09

feel the rythym

We’ve been on the road a little over a week now and we’ve getting our campervan legs.  We surfed a few spots up the coast and have woken up to some amzing sunrises on the beach. Lots of weird stuff on the road, we met an interesting old man and went to his house for […]

Aug '09

And we’re off!

The first leg of our adventure included our new friend Ben (remember the musician from a few posts ago?)  the three of us explored Steve Irwin’s Australian Zoo…same old zoo, all we got to do was look at animals, lie down with a mob of kangaroos, pet a few kowalas, scratch the favorite spot on […]

Aug '09

Becca’s Birthday & Charlie (our Australian camper van)

Today was a great day full of birthday-ness, what nots, and camper van-ness! Yes…that is right…we finally picked a camper van! We’ve been shopping for a while, mostly because a lot of the camper vans out here are pretty tiny and wouldn’t really work for us tall people, but when we found this one it was a good […]

Aug '09

1st Day Surfing – Greenmount Beach

Hopes were high as we first gazed on the ocean swells crashing in what seemed to be gentle, well-shapped waves in smooth water.  And like Becca flailing in the water as she attempted to sit on her surf board, our hopes sank to the sandy buttom and quickly drifted to the rocks, as did we, […]

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