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Archive for July, 2009

Jul '09

Kangaroo Balls & Camper Vans

We took our first trip to the grocery store and planned out some meals, one of which included Kangaroo meat. You can buy fresh Kangaroo meat out here how ever you’d like, minced up, as a roast…you name it. We got some minced meat and Justin made some Kangaroo meatballs, they were great! A little gamy but […]

Jul '09

Castlemaine Perkins Brewery – Brewers of XXXX (FourEx)

For $20 bucks we toured the popular XXXX brewery and got 4 free beers at the end of the tour.  The Flagship brew, XXXX (pronounced “fourex”), is sort of like a Coors Light; a golden lager low in alcohol and watery.  Sugar is added to make the beer sweeter…BOOOOO! They do make a really good […]

Jul '09

Beaches & Brisbane City Life

Over the next 3 days Nate and Hannah showed us some of the good beach hot spots on the Northern and Southern Pacific shores and some Brisbane city night life. Friday, we started to head north to Noosa Heads which is about an hour and a half from where we are living in Brisbane. With some “Rush” (strange flavored milk energy drink […]

Jul '09

Shortest Longest Day

July 14th was the shorest day of our lifes; it lasted only 10 hours. All of which was time spent traveling at 560 miles per hour 35,000 feet over the pacific ocean. Then we crossed the international date line and it magically became July 15th.

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